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Poppadum with homemade chutneys

Stuffed tandoori potatoes, onion & spinach bhajis, paneer tikka,
baby aubergine, pineapple, half moon dumplings
Spice crusted wild soft shell crab
Crab cake, chilli flakes, sweet potato mash, plantain chips
Black tiger prawns with rhubarb - tandoor roasted
Baby squid with tangy prawn & raw mango chutney
Salmon, dill, rhubarb chutney
Quail, turmeric, ginger - crisp fried
Duck tikka with mint
Chicken tikka three ways-
red chilli, honey-creamed coconut-coriander, garlic
Minced lamb, fresh fenugreek with bap


King prawns, shallots, coconut, green chilli, curry leaves
Roasted Seabass fillets, with tamarind rice noodles
Cod fish curry, coconut milk, kaffir leaves
Corn fed chicken, pickled lime, mild korma curry with chickpea puree
Chicken tikka, almond & tomato curry, clotted cream
Hot South Indian chicken curry, roasted spice mix, plantain chips
Baby tandoori chicken, spice minced lamb, quail egg
Chicken tikka biryani
Duck, pureed spinach, orange jest
Pork, Goan Vindaloo
Lamb neck fillets, baby turnips, rogan josh curry
Spiced rack of spring lamb, crispy broccoli & asparagus, hot-sweet curry
Lamb shoulder shanks, aromatic ‘nihari’ curry  
Lamb biryani
Beef Mussaman curry, lemon grass, coconut milk, peanuts
Wild Boar Vindaloo

Spinach kofta curry
Baby potatoes with runner beans
Spinach leaves & mushroom dry masala
Hot, sweet & sour baby aubergine curry
Crispy sprouting broccoli & asparagus crisps with chilli dust
Okra with cashew nuts
Creamy black lentils, poppadums
Raita with yoghurt, aubergine, pomegranate

Plain basmati
Saffron pilau
Lemon, chilli
Coconut rice

Naan, green chilli & coriander naan, garlic naan or
chilli & rosemary naan
Naan stuffed with paneer cheese, potatoes
‘Keema’ naan with minced lamb, olives
‘Peshwari' naan with mango, coconut & pistachios
Parantha with butter, mint

Passion fruit mousse with gulab jamun
Sweet pumpkin halva, lemon cake
Carrot halwa, chocolate samosa
Honey & cinnamon pudding, green tea ice cream

If you would like any further suggestions for your event, or have any dietary requirements, please do not hesitate to ask.
If there is a specific main course or ingredient you would like to choose, just speak to our event planners to discuss the various options we can create. We can tell you what’s in season and advise on the best choice to match your taste or dietary requirements.
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